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Health Screenings & Wellness

Health screening now forms an integral part of preventive medicine.  It has the benefit of not only picking up diseases in its early stage but also to identify areas that allow both the doctor and his patient to make the necessary modifications to prevent disease altogether.

Health screening is of value to everyone, both young and old. It is imperative that each patient is considered as an individual and not merely a compilation of blood work and tests. Keeping this is mind, your choice of doctor is perhaps one of the most important decisions you will have to make.

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Health screening invariably involves taking a detailed medical history and physical examination. This allows the identification of potential diseases and hence will affect the frequency at which future screening would be required. An example would be a patient who has a strong family history of colorectal cancer, this would increase the frequency at which a colonoscopy should be done.

A multitude of diseases lay unknown to us until it has reached a significantly advanced stage. High blood pressure, elevated cholesterol and diabetes are three examples. One would feel perfectly healthy as these slowly take its toll on the body. As it advances, one may only start to take note that something might be wrong as other organs such as eyesight, heart and the kidneys start to fail. Imagine, if you had just taken the opportunity, years earlier, maybe even decades earlier to pick it up and keep it in check.

Health screening is not just about early identification of disease but the avoidance of some altogether. The addition of vaccines allows us to not worry about Hepatitis A/B and can even help decrease the risk of getting cervical cancer. It is extremely saddening to see patients pass on from inflictions that could have been so easily prevented.

Presented with a whole gamut of possible screening programmes, tests and scans, what should one choose? On top of that, how often should they be done? That decision is never easy. An interplay of age and genetics means that tests can have a whole different value and cannot be interpreted in the same manner for every single patient. So, once again, your doctor and you will have you come to a decision and subsequently interpret the results. Sure, there’s is a wealth of knowledge available on the internet now but the trick is to discover how it applies to you!

You can help your doctor help you! Be completely honest if you haven’t been taking your medication regularly or skipped your last PAP smear. Let him know if you have any concerns, it could be you’re worried about fertility or have just been having trouble quitting smoking. Write down any questions you might have beforehand.

Remember , we are here to help you be as healthy as possible. Fewer sick days, elevated energy levels are additional pluses, but ultimately the peace of mind your loved ones will have knowing that you are in great shape is something every one of us strives to provide. 

Teleconsul with our specialists

This teleconsult service allows our current patients and new patients to connect with our doctors during clinic operating hours for non-emergency consults.

Clinical consultation

This teleconsult service allows our current patients and new patients to connect with our doctors during clinic operating hours for non-emergency consults.